Hot Chocolate……. in the summer?



Yes, I know it is late June, but I can’t wait until December and the cold days to drink it! 

……….But we all know England, summer time this year……well I’m sitting at my desk looking out of the window and it’s raining, I’m not surprised 🙂 

So I made my own hot chocolate just to make the rainy days a bit more special, so  I hope you like my recipe!

(this yields 1 mug of hot chocolate, x recipe by how much you want to make)

Issy’s Hot Chocolate                serves 1

1 tsp high quality coco powder

200 ml full fat milk

half a DSP of caster sugar, make sure it is level. 

a drop of milk to mix with the coco powder.

Optional, whipping cream to serve


In your mug, whisk together the coco powder, sugar and a drop of milk until it forms a smooth paste.

Next in a small sauce pan heat the milk until frothy and foaming, pour into the mug and give a good stir. 

Then pipe or squirt in the cream (optional) and dust with coco powder. Don’t add to much cream other wise it will make the drink cold. Enjoy!


I really do feel better after a lovely hot chocolate, let me know how your’s went in the comments below!


Happy Baking!




Issy’s baking dream 🙂

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